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On this page you can see the state of open data for Expenditure (detailed) in all the places for which we have information.

Dataset Description

Records of actual (past) municipal spending at a detailed transactional level, for example, at the level of month to month expenditure on specific items (usually this means individual records of spending amounts at a fairly granular level - e.g. $5-50k rather than at the $1m+ level). (Note: a database of contracts awarded or similar is not considered sufficient. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditure)

Place Score Breakdown Year Location (URL) Information
Alcobendas - Closed
↳ Awaiting review
  1207 days ago
2016 View Submission
Almería - Closed
Asturias - Closed
Barcelona - Closed
Bilbao - Closed
Cadiz - Closed
Cataluña - Closed
Gijón - Closed
Girona - Closed
Granada - Closed
Madrid - Closed
Malaga - Closed
↳ Awaiting review
  883 days ago
View Submission
Mariona - Closed
Navarra - Closed
Oviedo - Closed
Pamplona - Closed
Santander - Closed
Sevilla - Closed
Tarragona - Closed
Terrasa - Closed
Valencia - Closed
Zaragoza - Closed
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